Shopping For A Sustainable Wedding Outfit

Sustainability has become a major focus within every industry, especially in fashion, as many people are trying to make conscious decisions as shoppers and consumers. It is a global issue, and we can all make a positive change through what we wear and what we demand and expect from our favourite brands and retailers.

Fashion labels have been responding to this demand and the need for change, and it is now far easier to shop sustainably for basics such as jeans, dresses, footwear, etc, but it is also possible to use a sustainability approach to planning your wedding attire too.

This is not an especially novel idea either, as for decades many brides have chosen to wear repurposed wedding gowns handed down from their mothers, grandmothers, and beyond. Most recently, Princess Beatrice wore a vintage gown borrowed from the Queen for her wedding.

However, not everyone has a grandmother with a catalogue of beautiful designer gowns to reuse, but this doesn’t mean you can’t shop sustainably for your wedding outfit, accessories, and wedding flower packages.

Neither does it mean you have to sacrifice on luxury either, for example, bridal wear brand Halfpenny London has made small changes in the day-to-day operation of its business to reduce waste and control its stock to reduce any materials ending up in a landfill.

Founder Kate Halfpenny explained that the company tries to make as little waste as possible, and repurposes fabric cut-offs to create new styles and embellishments, as well as ensuring that packaging is eco-friendly.

Concepts such as these make it far easier than first imagined to make sure you look your best on the big day, while also ensuring you have helped protect the environment.

Simply by making some simple switches and conscious decisions, you can create the perfect outfit, free of any guilt from the cost to the planet.

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