Top Tips For Flower Arranging

There’s nothing better than a big, beautiful bunch of fresh flowers on a table or in the window to really brighten up your living spaces, but it’s important to know how best to arrange your florals so they really look their best.

First of all, make sure that you trim the stems at an angle, as this can really help with water absorption. It also stops the stems from sitting on the bottom of the vase, preventing them from drinking enough water to keep them lovely and healthy. As soon as you cut them, put them in water straight away so they can start taking water up immediately.

Arrange the vase so that the bigger blooms are in the middle and then position the thinner flowers and any that haven’t flowered yet around the outside.

Don’t forget to use filler flowers to help bring your vases to life. Anything from succulents and lavender to gypsophila (a stunning and compact plant you often see in bridal posies) can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your flower arrangement.

And if you find that you’re having trouble getting your flowers to stay where you want them to, you can always use something like floral tape to hold them in place with ease. Use this sparingly, however, as you don’t want anyone to see it.

Our final top tip for flower arranging is to make sure you add each flower stem by stem, so you can really take your time deciding where everything goes and so you know that each flower is in the water, able to get enough to drink.