Our Story

The idea of Pollen & Posy first began back in 2016 and I have my (future) Mother and Sister in Law to thank for that. We were all working in the corporate world, but desperate to find an outlet that would allow our inner creativity to break free. We settled upon trying out an evening floristry course in Clapham and signed up for a 10 week course. Having never really attempted to arrange flowers before I was extremely apprehensive, but went along for a bit of fun.

It didn’t happen immediately I must admit, but by week 3 of the course I knew I had experienced my ‘Eureka’ moment, this was what I was supposed to be doing and I was determined to make floristry more than just a hobby.

Jump forward to 2018 and with another couple of evening floristry courses under my belt I decided to invest more in my training and signed up for a ‘Career Change Business Course’ at a prestigious floristry school in Knightsbridge. Those few weeks allowed me to build the foundations of Pollen & Posy in my mind and really establish where I wanted to take the business and what I wanted the offering to be.

My background and career is within the Marketing and Events industry, which has allowed me to spectate on the floristry industry from afar. I became saddened by the vast quantity of flowers that are given the limelight for sometimes no more than an hour and then disposed of as soon as the event is over. 

Wastage is a huge issue in all corners of the floristry industry, which sparked an idea for Pollen & Posy’s business model. Our offering would focus on using a limited, but beautiful selection of seasonal flowers, with the aim of bringing delight to customers, whilst eliminating the excessive amount of floral waste.

In early 2019 I got the final push I needed to make the leap of faith and set up Pollen & Posy. The events agency I was working at went in to Administration and myself and my wonderful colleagues were made redundant. Without the cushion of my ‘real’ job, I finally gave into my dreams of starting my own floristry business and from that point Pollen & Posy was born.

Sophie x